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The empty Tomb!

We are just a few days away from Easter and I just feel like sharing on this landmark occasion. I’m not sure people really understand the significance of Easter. You cannot afford to live a sub-standard life if you truly know what Easter means for you and me. People anticipate Christmas more than Easter; correct me if I’m wrong but I think Easter is the most important holiday for the world. We are just usually excited about Christmas cause the year is ending and most people are on Holiday…not necessarily because it is Jesus’ birthday. Otherwise, I believe Easter is the greatest demonstration of God’s love for us and we should accord this occasion the celebration and honour it requires.

First things first. What is Easter? Easter is that famous weekend when Jesus was crucified then a few days later he defied the odds and arose from dead. The actual day he was crucified is known as Good Friday. I’m not so sure what’s good about the Friday! Unless they knew he was going to resurrect. The day he resurrected is called Easter Monday, which to me is the ‘good’ day. So this is usually marked every year to commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Long time ago I used to think they guys who crucified Jesus were so dumb. I also thought to myself Jesus knew he was super-natural and so he didn’t feel anything when those guys were busy beating him up and even crucifying him. He knew they were doing nothing and that he would rise up even if he died. So to me the death and resurrection of Jesus was a prank. Boy, I was so wrong!!

Easter signifies redemption, love and victory. I would like to single out victory first. Victory over death. This is more than what Romans 8:11 tells us. Now I understand the ‘good’ part of the Friday. He died, and we died with him in order to eradicate all of our sins that had distorted the relationship we had with God. So the fact that he died already means our sins are history. Then the most important part is Monday, when he resurrected. He won against death. Isn’t this incredible? This nullifies the fact that we are human beings. We are spiritual beings just having a human experience. That means our bodies are vessels for our spirits. Immediately, this makes me a victor. I cannot fear any form of intimidation. If my spirit is one with Jesus then there aint nothing a human being can do to me. The second theme I derive from the Easter story is redemption. This is the hallmark of humankind. God was not happy when we fell apart from him (Adam & Eve); which is why He brought Jesus to redeem us. It is what salvation is all about. The moment you acknowledge the death and resurrection of Jesus all because of you, you become saved. He takes Lordship over your life and you become part of him. The last and most important lesson from Easter is LOVE. It is the highest demonstration of love. The God-kind of love. It is referred to as Agape Love (John 3:16). Jesus is how much God loves us. Jesus was not willing to die, it is God who was willing to make him die for our sake. That’s how much God loves you.

In summary; Easter means God is always constantly willing to redeem us from whatever situations standing between us and our happiness. Easter also means we are champions; aint no situation we cant overcome in life even death. Lastly Easter demonstrates a level of love we ought to replicate. We should not only love others but should be willing to do anything to demonstrate our love for them. This coming Easter I urge all of us to take time to reflect upon what it means for us. While you go for holiday, travel to be with your family or even party with your friends just think about how you can give back to God.

Purpose to please God…GIVE, SERVE & LOVE!

Have a blessed Easter friends.

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