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Matthew 23:10-12 “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

In Romans 12:10 we are admonished to desire the welfare of others more than our own; to like others better than ourselves. That is an awesome command that is only obtainable through God’s supernatural love. If this very simple, yet very profound truth could be understood and applied, then strife would cease (Prov. 13:10). The world would see Christianity as never before, and we would discover the true joy that comes from serving someone besides ourselves.

There is much confusion today on the subject of love because we have only one English word (love) to describe a broad aspect of meanings. For example, if I said, “I love my wife, I love apple pie, and I love Arsenal,” obviously I am not talking about love in the same degree or definition.

God’s type of love; the highest kind of love, is AGAPE. This is when we seek the welfare or betterment of others even when we don’t feel affection. AGAPE love does not come from one’s feelings. Jesus displayed this AGAPE kind of love by going to the cross and dying for us even though He didn’t feel like dying. Jesus sought the betterment of you and me, regardless of His feelings.

We, too, can AGAPE love our enemies even though we don’t have a warm feeling of affection for them. If they are hungry we can feed them; if they are thirsty we can give them a drink. We can choose to seek the betterment and welfare of others regardless of how we feel.

If anyone becomes a servant and humbles himself with the motive of being exalted, then he is not truly fulfilling Jesus’ command. Jesus is teaching about a true, servant’s heart, that loves others more than itself and will joyfully go without so that someone else may prosper.



I dont remember Arsenal collecting just 1 point in the opening 3 games of the season for the last 10 years. It has been defined as simply disastrous. This is after losing our 2 world class players without their replacements. As if this is not enough, we were embarassed by a scoreline “I 8-2 REMEMBER”. Pundits could argue that the openning fixtures were a bit too harsh on us but NO. We just weren’t ready for the season – psychologically and physically. The psychological part may be due to the imminent departures of our best players as well as the prospect of having to begin the season without top-proven & established signings to help in ending the trophy drought. The physical part is basically the nature of our pre-seaon. The Asia tour was ill-advised; in my opinion. Yes, it was good for selling the club and promoting the Arsenal FC brand in Asia, but the games were not a test to players just about to begin a 50+ games season. Look at Man-U, they played against physical USA clubs, replayed and beat Barcelona. I surely need not mention how psychologically boosting that was to them. But, us…hosting our usual Emirates Cup and losing it too.
OK. So, the season starts and only Gervinho to show as a genuine signing. We had to play Udinese for Champions League qualification (by now you should be knowing this is a normality for Arsenal). Anyway, thank God we won scrapily but we’ll have to play 2nd leg away. A lucklustre game that folowed against Newcastle could only be capped by a barren draw (the most boring draws, for any footbal fan). Gervinho, our best player so far was adjudged to have dived and a confrontation with Barton ends in a 3 game ban for him. So he has to miss the crucial Liverpool & Man-U games. Mid that week, we were to decide our fate away at Italy at some MAFIA named DI’NATALLE’s yard. This game was so tense for me. I dont remember shaking while watching an Arsenal game – the Barcelona game at emirates, notwithstanding. We won and sure as hell we felt as though we were on top of the world. Liverpool however, had other ideas. They beat us 2-0 and United were to confirm that the folowing weekend. The thrashing at Old Trafford was the worst i remember as a Gunner. It prompted phrases like ‘I was alive when Man-U beat Arsenal 8-2’. It was so embarassing, but probably we will remember it as the turning point in Arsenal’s season. Here’s WHY?
Wenger, all along had been playing mean on transfers. Those losses made him re-think his transfer & youth policy. And in less than 50 hours, Wenger signed 5 players. Arteta, Mertasacker, Park, Santos & Yossi. This brings the count to 8 players bought. You gotta respect the ‘Professor’, well…uhhm of Economics. He had to find out if we were to feature in Europe fisrt in order to reinforce squad – makes sense. Amidst all the signings – Arsenal PLC still made profit. Now, of all the signings…Arteta will soon make us forget Fabregas. Ofcourse Gervinho has already made me forget what was Nasri’s 1st name was. Forget Clichy – he is history like Ca$hley Cole, courtesy of one SANTOS. Mertascker – what can i say…perfect signing. Benayoun will add creativity to that mid-field while Chu Young Park will keep RVP performing, otherwise…our captain will find himself on the bench. I honestly want to wish CESC all the best, he gave us his all and forever Arsenal fans will put him right there where we place Henry, Vieira, Pires & Co. Nasri? I hope you miserably fail like Adebayor. Clichy…cant wait to see your world class howlers against big teams. With these signings i am convinced we will challenge for top honours. The openning loses are a great lesson to Arsenal and i know we will learn and rise to the top. A club is way bigger than any player. Arsenal will always be there and with Arsene, rest assured we will always enjoy good football. A Premier League trophy for a start, will do for me. All the best for the season. ARSENAL SHALL RISE AGAIN!!!

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