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Gaza or Gully?

The battle going on in the dancehall scene right now is between Vybez Kartel whose uncompromising and tough sound from the streets gives him the Gaza tag VS Movado the singjay, a cross between DJ and singer better known as the “Gully God” because of the place he comes from in Kingston- Cassava Piece. I’m caught in the middle coz these are two of my favourite artists as far as Dancehall is concerned. I have mentioned before that I love Reggae and this riddim thing that is taking the world by storm! Nowadays no club doesn’t play Dancehall. Back to my topic, anyway. Kartel and Mavado are a cut above the rest believe me. Both of these guys are true definition of gangstar. Kartel is pure street while Mavado appears to me a ‘gang leader’. They have been in the industry for quite a while and they don’t seem to fade away for an unforeseeable future. We know Kartel for his trademark sound ‘awoh’ and dirty lyrics whereas Mavado is known for being able to sing and rap as well-kinda like Drake. Movado exploded into the scene with his mega hit “on the rock”….to make it even better he featured Jay-Z on the remix. This literally blew up and the star of Mavado began to shine. First time I heard and took notice of Kartel is on his hit “romping shop”. Too bad for me coz I was told this was too late. He had been in the industry as an underground artist until he just showed up big.

I must admit that I am long standing Kartel fan, but people are feeling Movado’s music more. But therez been a turnaround of late. Kartel is back on top. What am I sayin, these guys are just crazy and unbelievably competitive. Both of them command a great following. Thus, the reason for GULLY vs GAZA thang going on…. Kartel being a producer as well, has his crew in the likes of Russian, Spice, Popcaan, Gaza Slim, Ms Triniti, Black Rhyno, Aidonia, Jah Vinci & The Merital family. Other big playaz in the industry like Beenie Man & Queen Ifrika also associate with Gaza. On the other hand Mavado has his members in Stacious, Chase Cross, Flexx, I-Shawna, Bounty Killa, Busy Signal, Munga, Serani, Wayne Marshal etc. Elephant Man, Morgan Heritage, Jah Cure, Ding Dong are also from the Gully side. So then the reason for the rivalry. Each side wants to prove they are better and that they produce more hits. Kartel is taking the world by storm. I’m really feeling his tracks, (Money tree, Me Bible, Dancehall Hero, Clarkes, Thank yuh Jah, Carefull, Last man standing, Life we livin, Romping shop, Straight Jeans & Fitted and many more; he literally stands out on any riddim he puts his voice on. Movado on the other hand is just addictive. As simple as that. His tracks; (When you feel lonely, The Messiah and Stulla, Again and again, Come into my room, Still stand up, Hope and Pray, are the soundtracks of my mind right now. What was amazing was the fact that they moved in to quench the hatred by jointly releasing a track named “NUH WAR WID KNIFE”; it mainly talks about it being just a game and that fans should not take it personal….this is good for indusrty. This is when this rivalry kinda cooled down

Reggae music is life indeed. The messages brought out reflect what is happening in the society. Bob Marley- if he was alive, would have been so proud of how far Reggae music has gone and more importantly how much influence he had on the current crop of dancehall artists. Well, it’s needless to say but none of dem can ever get to Bob’s level. This just tells you how this genre of music should be embraced. The consistency of Richie Spice, Morgan Heritage, Anthony B, Sizzla, Queen Ifrika, Gyptian, Sean Paul, Kiprich & Busy Signal just to mention a few; combined with the zeal of the current crop of Tarrus Riley, Alaine, Romain Virgo, Konshens, Junior Reid, Bugle, Cecile, Cris Martin, Demarco, Daville….and much many more; is the reason why I continue to appreciate and enjoy Reggae.
Frankly speaking, I cant choose between MAVADO and VYBEZ KARTEL. This kinda puts me in the JAY-NAS situation. Or the T.I vs LUDA/LIL WAYNE, Elephant Man vs Beenie Man or better yet PAC vs BIGGIE rivalries. That said, I am a GULLY, Are you?

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