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‘Behind the scenes’

My friend Kevin and i were arguing the other day about how actors, footballers, CEO’s etc.. take all credit while the persons who actually did the work are neglected. I was of the opinion that their limelight is only because of the relentless effort of the guys ‘behind the scenes’ namely: the technical support, movie directors, coaches, name it. They are the ones who do a lot in the background to ensure the final product is successful. Kevin was of the contrary opinion but eventually we agreed to disagree.. 🙂

Let us examine a watch.

I wear a watch. I also carry a phone that displays the time, and I could easily pull it out of my pocket to check the time, but I still wear a watch. And I’m not the only one. Look around you—people still buy and wear watches of all different colors, styles, and sizes. Maybe you do too. It is not even style but something that just fascinates me to lift up my wrist and glance at the time! Some watches are fairly simple. They are digital, and the bold numbers on the screen are easy to read. Other watches are more fancy. Yet despite how fancy or expensive they may be, all watches still basically function the same way. The person wearing the watch looks at the face of the watch to see the time. The most interesting thing about watches is what you don’t see. Hidden beneath the watch’s face lies everything it needs to correctly tell you the time. The part of the watch you can see is accurate because of the parts of the watch you cannot see—all of those tiny pieces somehow connected and interrelated, all turning with one another in exactly the right order at exactly the right pace.

The watcher

The same is true with God’s providence and sovereignty. There is so much more going on in your life than what you can see. If you can see only the face—the surface—of the things you’re experiencing, you can’t understand what’s really happening. Hidden beneath the events of your life are the interrelated pieces that God is weaving together to take you to your unique destiny. When we do get a glimpse behind the scenes, we frequently misunderstand what’s going on. That’s why being a Christian requires trust and faith—some parts of your life just won’t make sense on the surface. They may seem unrelated to one another, useless, or even damaging because you can’t see the way God is using these events. Yet God has a purpose for everything. And when you accept and trust this truth—the truth of His sovereignty over all—you will begin to see how He is using the things He has allowed in your life to get you where you need to go.

In His providence, God will bring about His intended result, and He will do it at the perfect time. Being a believer is never based on sight. It involves your faith and not just your feelings – faith that God is moving on your behalf even in ways you cannot see or understand.

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