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Piece of encouragement


“May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.”

(2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)


Paul had no doubt that God was not a disinterested spectator in the affairs of the world, of His Church and of His people individually. His learning and his experience taught him otherwise. His encounter with the living Jesus, his experience of the Holy Spirit and the way God opened his eyes to the Scriptures convinced him of God’s presence, purpose and commitment. He lived his life accordingly.

Paul’s prayer request here is an acknowledgement of the personal presence and involvement of God. He does not prayer that messengers will be sent to us but that God Himself will reach into our lives to encourage and strengthen us. His own experience would have been of the truth of such blessing by God and of its value and importance.

Christian life and ministry can, at times, be very lonely and insecure. We may wonder where God is and if what we are about has any significance or value in the greater scale of things. We may even become confused by what appears to be contradictory teaching by different churches, by different ministers within the same denomination, and even by the ridicule levelled at Christianity by others.

We need to remember that Jesus gave His life, and His ongoing commitment, to the people who would believe in Him and continue His work and ministry. Every aspect of it, whether thought, word or deed is of importance and, if of God, contributes towards the building and extension of His Kingdom. Each one of us does indeed have a Circle of Influence, far wider in today’s world than we would at first imagine.

If God desires something to happen, whether on an international or personal front, then He will support and empower it. If God wishes you or me to lead a particular type of life – a holy life – then He will support, empower and encourage it. He will also stand with us when the enemy attacks us and attempts to scare us into inactivity or lead us astray.

We may ask and receive – and step out in that confidence.


Remind yourself of Jesus promise to be with you always, and act accordingly.


Lord Jesus please help me to remember that I am not alone, but that You are with me always. Please help me to think, speak and act in a way that honours You – and strengthen and encourage me every step of the Way. Amen


What God wants!

Ever wondered what God really wants for us? What is our purpose in this world? Why are we here? These questions may seem to have very obvious answers; but not as you think. I don’t believe God wants to prosper us; He doesn’t want to help us. He even doesn’t want to love us. God has ALREADY done all these things for us. Otherwise why does the Bible tell us ‘out of his fullness, have we all received…’? As He is, so are we in this world! Why does 2nd Peter 1:4 tell us that we are partakers of His divine nature? These and many more verses got me thinking perhaps I should adjust my prayers. We have been doing it wrong I guess…when we ask God to bless us, make us rich, love us, and all sorts of requests that are not in line with our ‘nature’. 2nd Timothy 3:5 confirmed this to me – that they have ‘a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof’. We know but we fail to act on what we know.

Let me share what I am strongly convinced God wants for us. It may sound nonspiritual but this is what I believe – God wants us to be just like him. In the new dispensation as new creations in Christ, He has made us participants in His life. We ought to live His quality of life. Righteousness is the foundation of all blessings (Matt 6:33). Jesus descended so that we could ascend into the Heavenly realms and be partakers of the unspeakable joy and love of the Trinity. I am one believer in ‘heaven-on-earth’. My pastor asserted this to me on Sunday. So at least we are now two! We are here to enjoy life on earth, help others and create a little heaven down here. Otherwise why then have we been made righteous? It is not solely to go to heaven! It is neither for us to be rich, prosperous nor to be healthy and enjoy life with our friends and relatives! NO. It is so that we exemplify the God-kind of life. God has already done all these things for you. He has loved you; John 3:16. This in itself is enough! Notice all these are past tense. Won’t you then be belittling God by asking Him to do what He already did? Aint you sure? No wonder Pastor Judah Kalinga says ‘some prayers, you can answer for yourself’! For example as you read the Bible you come across a segment that reads ‘by his stripes we WERE healed’. Meaning sickness has already been dealt with. Then proceed on and preach this to someone who doesn’t know and is struggling with illness. Change their mindset and get them receive salvation.

If we have His authority, power..etc, we should walk like Jesus did. In fact, we should do even greater things than Jesus did (John 14:12). He wants us to be SOULutions to those who are still in the dark; those struggling with life. God wants us to open the eyes of others to see that they have all they ever needed. However, the moment misguided pursuits begin to ensue, you lose focus – you forget what God wants! You begin to ask God to bless you so that you live lavishly, you help your relatives & friends…whereas we should be asking for more influence and grace to reach out to the world! This is selfishness. God never wants us to think of ourselves first, He dislikes self-centeredness. Now that your needs are met, meet those of others. You have been blessed so that you bless others. I know you might be asking now for God to bless you so that you help others. I once thought to myself ‘if I were president for a day, I would help the whole world’! God always entrusts us with a little first to see if we will be faithful. I strongly believe I am blessed ENOUGH to be a blessing to others. Do something NOW, and quit waiting for better time…then God will be proud of you and empower you ten-fold!

This is what God wants.

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