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It’s always darkest before dawn

I overheard a statement from a secular song that went like ‘God will take you through hell, just to get you to heaven’. Everything seemed right with that lyric except – God isn’t the one taking you to hell, it is all by yourself. But the part of going through difficulty, trials, and persecutions in order to get to your heaven either above or on earth is very true.

Let’s examine the following verse. “And the evening and the morning were the first day.” (Gen 1:5). The evening was “darkness” and the morning was “light,” and yet the two together are called by the name that is given to the light alone! We must also remember darkness was first there before God brought light. This is somewhat remarkable, but it has an exact analogy in spiritual experience. In every believer there is darkness and light, and yet he is not to be named a sinner because there is sin in him, but he is to be named a saint because he possesses some degree of holiness. We are fellow citizens with the saints, says (Ephesians 2:19). This will be the most comforting thought to those who are mourning their infirmities, and who ask, “Can I be a child of God while there is so much darkness in me?

Yes, yes, yes; for you, like the day, take not your name from the evening, but from the morning; and you are spoken of in the word of God as if you were even now perfectly holy as you will be soon. Why? Because righteousness is not based on your actions, doings – No; it is based on your standing in Christ. You are called the child of light, though there is darkness in you still. You are named after what is the predominating quality in the sight of God, which will one day be the only principle remaining.

Observe that the evening comes first. Naturally we are darkness first in order of time, and the gloom is often first in our mournful apprehension, driving us to cry out in deep humiliation, and making us doubt our salvation. But you know what the good news is? The place of the morning is second, it dawns when grace overcomes nature. The sowing part is often difficult and tiresome but come the reaping; hoolalah!! You shall be smiling all the way to the bank! I guess and hope that is what that secular rapper implied when he sang ‘God will take you through hell just to get you to heaven.

Stay blessed, Saints!!


Jesus First!

Every time I reflect upon what salvation means for us, I can’t help but think about the cross. The Lord didn’t just save us out of pity or a sense of obligation as our Creator as someone may argue. He saved us because He loved us (John 3:16). It was the “good pleasure of his will” for us to become adopted sons (Eph.1:5). We are wanted and accepted by our Father! What a wonderful thing this is! Once you realize this and follow the perfect example of Jesus, that’s it. Don’t let religious leaders complicate this thing for you, it’s that simple. I strongly believe we are our own worst enemies. Some of us believers make it look like such a complex phenomenon thus discouraging the unbelievers. There are no more conditions to embracing this gift of salvation, just see what Jesus did and do it too.

Take a look at the case of Martha in (Luke 10:40). Serving was a good thing, but Martha had put it in the wrong place. Her problem was priorities — not what she was doing. Likewise with most religious leaders and many believers. It was a great honour to have Jesus in her home and to be able to hear His personal words to her household. Martha should have given this the same priority that Mary did. Martha complained that Mary wasn’t helping her out while Mary her sister was worshiping Jesus by anointing His feet with a costly perfume. Don’t take me wrong, both of them were right – but one had misplaced priorities. And it wasn’t Mary!

Just like Martha, many religious people today are occupied with things that keep them from hearing the words of Jesus. They care more about other things that; mind you, are right but are not exactly first priorities. It is easy to recognize and turn from things that are obviously sin, but even good things that we are involved in must be prioritized so that nothing takes the place of seeking first the kingdom of God (Matt 6:33). Jesus, through the parable of the Good Samaritan, defined a neighbour as any fellow human being who crosses our path and is in need of our assistance. We cannot meet the needs of every single person in the world; but when confronted with an opportunity utilize it. The Levite and the Priest worked by the book. They were like Martha. They couldn’t see the situation at hand and give it priority. The Samaritan just like Mary saw what was of greater importance and dealt with it first. That is what seeking first the Kingdom of God is.

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