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Today I choose to talk about something different that perhaps you may not have thought I could write on.
I was provoked by Mr. Bifwoli Wakoli’s sentiments last week challenging citizens not to be persuaded too easy by politicians. He emphasized that there is never really a permanent enemy in the world of politics. He made me open my eyes and see the bigger picture. I am always disturbed when I hear people die in pursuit of politicians’ interests. It is even more disheartening to see the same guys chat and laugh yet the people whom they deceived to fighting and disliking their compatriots who held contrasting opinions with us are forever enemies. In as much as what happened on 2007/8 in Kenya still rings a bell among Kenyan’s minds and hearts, it seems there are people who have not yet learnt the lesson. Is it that they were not affected? Or are the politicians too convincing? I would rather choose to believe the latter plus the fact that Kenyans forget too quick. The players are the same…what makes us think they would not play the same game? Yes, they may change the tactics but they want the same result. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, for heavens sake!
Look at Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Ivory Coast. We certainly don’t want to head there. Egypt may be fighting for a cause-change; and at least their case is a bit different since they are united against a common figure-the government. Should we do the same? Let me stop here before I am blamed for incitement. You know these are the things that make me admire the US style of politics. They fight for ideologies, principles not individuals. If only the recently passed constitution will have a place for this! Kenya has an unbelievable potential of becoming a 1st world nation. The pace at which we are growing is impressive despite the stumbling blocks posed by politics. Ironically, most of our politicians are so learned and very much qualified for their positions. So one wonders whether we should get less learned ones! The only problem is that disease called ‘TRIBALISM’. When will they learn to see community and not tribe? Unfortunately, we are still miles away from shunning this. And unless we find people who reason like Martha Karua, Wakoli, Imanyara, Peter Kenneth, Khalwale, Ababu Namwamba, Orengo…and perhaps Eugene Wamalwa, we may as well be bidding goodbye to democracy. People should learn to appreciate the content of character and become less seducible.
To avoid victimization, let me mention that the above names are just but a few serious politicians who I think are dismissed. I am not a crusader for certain individuals, neither am I hating on others. I am basically expressing my views on what I wish my country could be. Change is the only thing that is constant…a certain Philosopher said. However, this change is unfortunately not constant in Kenya. We just see a cycle of events. Change does not mean we all of a sudden elect youth! There is something called experience. Hence we should fancy a mix of the old in the game plus a few youth so that we see how far we will get. If only everyone had similar opinions to mine, learnt from past mistakes (i.e PEV 2007/8)…then we are going to the Promised Land. If only we played our parts and failed blaming the Government for neglect of their promises, then God will as always be fair enough and give to Ceasar what’s his. Well, I’m not preaching neither am i even campaigning…all I’m saying is come next elections, I know to whom I will cast my vote. I also know Kenyans are smart and they won’t be fooled again. Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya.

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